Yacht Shots BVI

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, Yacht Shots BVI is open for business.
We specialize in on-the-water photography, wedding photography and drone photography all over the British Virgin Islands.

Having fun on a charter boat? Get in touch and we'll come circle your boat and capture the moment forever!

Norman 'Guy' Clothier, better known as "GUY," had a passion and vision for photography and the yachting business.  With a longtime love of sailing & a new discovery of photography, Guy created Yacht Shots BVI over 20 years ago. He perfected the use of a dinghy adding on an extension handle to the throttle, lead line from the bow and harnessing himself using a windsurfing harness.   This allowed Yacht Shots BVI to get the one shot sailors could never get themselves and ensures he and his photographers can quickly get out of the way!